Hi, I’m Enelia

I am middle of the pack runner sharing my running journey and all the things I’m learning along the way.

I am a UX designer who wishes she could get paid to listen to podcasts about science, crime, and politics. I ran sporadically in college and early adulthood, but really decided to become a runner back in 2011. While I probably will never BQ (or run a marathon for that matter), I am content with improving my running a bit a time, whether it is my pace or just my attitude toward each workout.

I’m also a mother of two young children. I run and exercise to set the example that doing movement you love leads to better physical and mental health. I love spending time outside with them, exploring the world through their eyes.

I am currently an ambassador for Altra, Nuun Hydration, and Honey Stinger.

Let’s Connect!

You can find me on Instagram , Twitter, and TikTok at @chasingtheshade. You can also reach me at