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Nathan Speedshot Plus Insulated Running Handheld Bottle Review

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The Nathan Speedshot Plus is a great handheld bottle for shorter runs during which you will want access to hydration. I use it primarily for runs under ten miles in the winter and for shorter runs when it’s really hot outside.

Nathan Speedshot features:

Insulated water bottle – The bottle itself holds 12oz of water. It is easy to squeeze so you get the liquid you need without much effort or affecting the flow of your run. It is insulated so your liquid of choice stays chilled throughout your workout. I usually carry water, but I’ve also used Nuun Sport. Pro tip: if carrying Nuun, wait until it completely dissolves before you lid your bottle, otherwise the carbonation will cause your first sip to squirt up your nose. The bottle has a wide mouth so you can easily use a small bottle brush for proper cleaning.

Adjustable strap – I have pretty slim hands and I am able to adjust it very snugly.  I don’t feel like I need to grip the bottle at all, which is great for keeping my hands relaxed while I run. It’s easy to switch hands as you run. The strap comes off easily for cleaning.

Adjustable strap on the Nathan Speedshot handheld water bottle.

Leak proof lid – While the lid is very much leak proof, it is very easy to operate with your teeth. The material is thick yet supple, so you don’t have to worry about damaging your teeth. I chipped one of my teeth in a childhood accident, so I am paranoid about the filling material flying off when I bite into something. My bottle has also seen many miles and the material has yet to develop any bite marks.

Zip pocket – The pocket fits my keys, ID, cash and a few Honey Stinger gels. The zipper is very smooth to operate yet very secure.

The Nathan Speedshot Plus handheld water bottle retails at $33.

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